theater square reconstruction
sadka masterplan
house im
house b
babiy yar memorial
house along the lake
multifunctional module
multifunctional complex
multifunctional complex 'platform'
New housing development in Krasnodar
renaissance park development
eco-art-park ramenka
business and entertainment center in barvikha
greenfield house
saltykovka house
u house
i house
golf club service block
beachfront complex
passageway at the embassy of luxemburg
Gifts to the Leaders Exhibition
Arsenal Building
Boatshed Exhibition hall
Pirogovo masterplan
Development on Zavidkin Cape (Cape of Envy)
S House
E House
Fora Bank
Ecologia Ltd office building
Yacht club
T House
Lodge in the woods
Bioengineering Center
'Boulevard Ring' Building
Moscow Champagne Factory reconstruction
Office center interior
Krestyanskaya Zastava Square
X House
Russian Folk Art Exhibition
Tea House
NS House
Andrey Sakharov s Museum
Moscow Avantgard Architeture Exhibition
Pavilion in the park Muzeon
Restaurant in the Muzeon park
Muzeon Park of Arts
Temporary exhibition hall «Muzeon-Center»
House in Kratovo
«Nashi Khudozhniki» Gallery
Concept for the Museum of Moscow
Hotel «Cowsheds»
Vernissage on Krymskaya embankment
Mikhail Roginsky exhibition
The adaptation of the historical building for a hotel
In Artibus Gallery
Children's park named after NN Pryamikova
Elementary Actions
Venice 1995
Shadow of an Architect
Interview on innovative architecture
Finnish Architecture: A Personal View from Moscow
(and a Glance Back)
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